School Programs

Salmon in the Classroom

The LGA’s in-school Salmon in the Classroom program let’s student raise landlocked Atlantic salmon through the first three stages of life (egg, alevin, and fry) and properly release them in the Lake George watershed. As caregivers of the fish for five months, students use a tank setup that mimics an outdoor environment, including rocks where salmon can congregate and a chiller to control water temperature. Learn more about the program.

Annual Bookmark Contest

The LGA holds an annual Bookmark Contest, in partnership with the Village of Lake George and Town of Lake George. The goal is for students in grades 4-5 to create original artwork, focusing on the protection of Lake George and addressing the main threats to the watershed and Lake. Past themes have included, 'Clean Streams, Happy Lake', 'Clean Water Starts in Your Backyard', and 'Keep it Clean, We All Live Downstream', to name a few. Learn more.

Let's Educate Together

The LGA educates and inspires new generations of Lake Protectors through our popular field trips, outdoor education, and classroom programs. All programs are aligned with the New York State Core Curriculum and deliver a fun and hands-on learning experience for your students.

To learn more about how we can partner with your school or youth organization, please call us at (518) 668-9700.