Lake George Plants, Fish, and Wildlife

Many plants, fish and wildlife call Lake George home  

A wide variety of plants, fish, and wildlife live in the waters of Lake George and in the watershed, particularly along the shoreline.  Most are part of a balanced ecosystem, but some are pests and invaders.

In the Water

Many species of fish live in the lake — it is a rich tapestry of aquatic life, including a two-story fishery and a wide variety of plants and macroinvertebrates.

view of Lake George from Black Mountain

In the Watershed

Fish aren't the only life in the watershed. There is a wide variety of wildlife living in the watershed.  Many of these mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles live at the water's edge, along the many miles of Lake George shoreline. This transitional zone between land and water is a very important habitat and source of food for many different animals.

Wildlife Threats and Pests

While most of the plants, fish, and wildlife in Lake George live together in a balanced ecosystem, some are newcomers invading Lake George and threatening that balance. Others are a nuisance to humans and other species. Check the links below to learn more.