CSLAP: Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program

Lake Assessment Program for Lake George

Since 2004, the LGA has regularly participated in the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP), a Citizen Science program where trained volunteers assist Lake George Association staff in collecting data about conditions in various areas of the Lake in order to help assess the Lake's overall health. You can see the LGA CSLAP data here presented in an interactive way.

In Lake George, our citizen scientists monitor sites in both the north and south areas of the Lake. The citizen scientists perform water clarity tests with a Secchi disk, collect water samples to be analyzed for certain chemicals, and communicate the conditions of the Lake at the time of each sampling.

The sampling and testing must be completed every other week for eight sampling events at the same location, from June through October. Samples are then shipped to a laboratory for analysis. This program provides the Lake George Association and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation with invaluable data for the long-term management of lakes throughout the state.

The program is coordinated by the DEC and the NYS Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA).

CSLAP Historical Reports for Lake George

CSLAP training

Part of the program includes using a Secchi disk to measure the clarity of Lake George. In 2016, the LGA tested water clarity in the north end of the lake and got a clarity reading of nearly 40 feet.