Join the LGA’s AlgaeWatch Program & Help Protect Our Lake

The Lake George Association is looking for Lake-loving volunteers to “adopt” areas on the Lake and help us watch out for excessive algae growth – particularly harmful algal blooms (HABs).

By signing up for our AlgaeWatch program, you will monitor shoreline or near-shore areas around your home or business, or areas you otherwise frequent, to document the growth of various types of algae and report back to the LGA on your findings. The information you provide helps us identify algae problems and develop science-guided solutions. If you spot a HAB, you’ll also notify the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Learn from LGA staff members the basics of a HAB, some of the things you can do on your property to help prevent them, and how to join our Algae Watch program to help spot any suspicious blooms, should they occur.

To help your efforts, LGA AlgaeWatchers will receive email alerts any time water and weather conditions are especially conducive to HAB formation, as well as notifications of any ongoing HABs. You will be integral in helping us document the extent of an ongoing bloom and guide the establishment of Jefferson Project HAB sampling locations.

Excessive algae growth is a serious and growing threat to Lake George water quality. A major HAB, like those that have devastated other lakes and Lake-based economies across the country, is something we all want desperately to avoid.

You can help! Volunteer for AlgaeWatch now.

If you’re a property owner in the Lake George watershed, go even further and get a Personal Protection Plan with the steps you can take at your home or business to minimize algae growth in the water outside your door. Sign up to become a Lake Protector today.