Citizen Science

Join Us On The Water

LGA Citizen Scientists are dedicated Lake Protectors, participating in a variety of programs to monitor water quality in the lake and its streams, invasive species, harmful and concerning algae growth, and local wildlife. All of the data brought in by our Citizen Scientists supports the LGA and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation programs that work to keep the lake pristine.

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Our Citizen Science Programs


The Lake George Association collaborates with Lake-loving volunteers to "adopt" and monitor shorelines or near-shore areas to document the growth of various types of algae – particularly harmful algal blooms (HABs) – and report your findings to the LGA. In recent years, Lake George experienced cyanobacteria blooms categorized as HABs in 2020 and 2021. While these blooms have only been in the South basin, monitoring HABs throughout the lake is essential. Algae growth, not just cyanobacteria, has been an increasing complaint, and we need to know where it's happening to research and manage it.

You can help! Volunteer for AlgaeWatch now.

Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Event

Next summer, you will survey a section of shoreline for aquatic invaders, primarily plants and also mussels, snails, and fish if you see them. There will be a training held before the event to help with identification on the water, and there will be stations at locations around the lake for volunteers to report to with data or questions. AIS monitoring in the lake is important for early detection of new invaders, such as hydrilla, that may pass by the inspection station and boat launch stewards.

Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (WAVE)

A stream sampling program organized by NYSDEC and coordinated at Lake George by the LGA. Using a kick net, you collect macroinvertebrates from a stream near you in the Lake George watershed that will then be identified and used to determine the water quality of the stream. Many streams flowing into Lake George are not yet mapped by DEC and data for the Lake's tributaries gets increasingly sparse as you move up into the watershed. This program would work well for an independent volunteer looking to get outside. It could be the stream in your backyard or just down the road!

Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP)

A Citizen Science program where trained volunteers collect water quality samples from the lake and document lake conditions that get analyzed and reported by NYSDEC. This is our most involved program, where you sample your location every other week from June through October. The LGA coordinates this program on Lake George for NYSDEC and the NYS Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA).

Loon Monitoring with the LGA

A volunteer effort to count loons on Lake George as part of an annual monitoring program aimed at determining the relative health of the population of this signature Adirondack bird. This program is conducted in partnership with the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation.