Why We Oppose Experimenting with ProcellaCOR in Lake George

Now that ProcellaCOR is in Lake George, The Jefferson Project has a thorough monitoring plan to determine behavior and effects of the pesticide.

National Resource Defense Council to APA: Take a health and environment protective and precautionary approach

VIDEO: ProcellaCOR is about to be dropped in this family's drinking water. Watch + see how you can stop it.

The Lake George Association respectfully disagrees with the decision the Appellate Division issued May 2, 2024. Read our full response here.

The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) is again seeking to put the herbicide ProcellaCOR into Lake George to control Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM). The Lake George Association and the Lake George Waterkeeper adamantly oppose the use of this chemical in Lake George for three fundamental reasons: 

There is no milfoil crisis. Use of a chemical is a drastic and unnecessary move for a situation that is being effectively managed using hand-harvesting methods.   

ProcellaCOR is not designed for waterbodies like Lake George. The label states it is for use in calm and quiescent waters. Lake George is neither, as evidenced in detailed and peer-reviewed computer circulation models by The Jefferson Project.  

The risks of ProcellaCOR are too great to experiment with it in Lake George. Recently published studies, conclusions from USEPA Risk Assessment acknowledging potential impacts to ecology, and the ProcellaCOR label itself identify numerous risks and uncertainties. These are documented in the detailed comments we submitted to NY State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) this week.   

The NY State Supreme Court ruled in 2023 that the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) did not follow its own legally required process of holding an adjudicatory hearing before approving the Park Commission’s permit application in 2022. The State appealed the Supreme Court ruling, and the Appellate Court heard the appeal on March 27, 2024. On May 2, 2024, the Appellate Court reversed the Supreme Court decision. We respectfully disagree with this ruling, and we respectfully question why the State opposes holding the required adjudicatory hearing, which gives the APA Commissioners the opportunity to hear the scientific facts before deciding on permit applications.  

The Park Commission is currently pursuing new permits to put ProcellaCOR in Blairs Bay and Sheep Meadow Bay this spring, despite the Supreme Court ruling as well as 300 letters, 4,600+ petition signers, and resolutions by the Towns of Hague, Ticonderoga, and Dresden, and a letter from the Town Board of Putnam, all opposing ProcellaCOR in Lake George.   

The LGA remains unwavering in its commitment: We Protect Lake George, Together. We invite you to read our position paper and science-based comments to the DEC that detail the risks ProcellaCOR poses in Lake George. To stay informed about this crucial issue, please sign up to receive our periodic updates

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Read our position paper: 
ProcellaCOR in Lake George? Too Many Risks, Too Few Benefits, and There Is No Need to Rush into This Process

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