Water Quality Research Manager Job

Water Quality Research Manager

Location: Lake George, New York, USA

Salary: $65,000-$75,000/year (commensurate with experience) and a full employee benefits package

Reports To: The Lake George Waterkeeper


About the Lake George Association

The Lake George Association (LGA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the pristine waters and natural resources of Lake George. Established in 1885, LGA has been at the forefront of environmental protection initiatives, education, and advocacy to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of The Queen of American Lakes.


Position Description

The LGA is seeking a qualified and passionate Water Quality Research Manager to develop, interpret, and implement science-guided research activities to advance the LGA’s protection objectives (water quality & clarity, road salt reduction, invasive species, harmful algal blooms, wastewater, and stormwater). This will include collecting, managing, interpreting, and applying field, sensor, and modeling data, with field activities to include the monitoring of streams, algae, and macrophytes. Additionally, this position will serve as technical liaison to the Jefferson Project in collaborating on priority research projects that inform and advance our protection priorities, advise and support community science programs relevant to ongoing research, and participate in the development and implementation of the Lake Protector Program. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in field/lab work, data analysis, and have experience managing research projects, as well as a deep commitment to preserving Lake George’s water quality.



Field Work and Data Collection  

  • Work with the Lake George Waterkeeper to conduct field operations and data collection related to the various projects that are ongoing in the Lake George Basin.  
  • Perform near-shore (littoral) zone surveys of benthic algae and aquatic plants using swimming and snorkeling techniques; employing microscope techniques to identify algae taxonomy.  
  • Coordinate the implementation and enhancement of invasive species prevention and management programs with Lake George Park Commission.  

Data Analysis, Modeling, and Application  

  • Work with LGA partners and contractors to understand, interpret, develop, and apply a range of database files including data input, analysis and summary and output of data findings.  
  • Utilize GIS mapping software to evaluate research projects and findings relating to wastewater treatment and associated groundwater seepage into local tributaries; stormwater runoff; road salt reduction; land use planning; and water resources impacts.  

Research Development, Collaboration, and Communication  

  • Work with the Lake George Waterkeeper, Managing Program Director, Jefferson Project, Council of Science Advisors, and other program partners and contractors on research projects that assess issues/water quality impacts affecting Lake George, including all aspects of project development and implementation—hypothesis(es) to be tested, preparation of detailed field schedule for data collection, methodology, database formatting, summary of deliverables, and budgeting for laboratory analytical services, materials and supplies. 
  • Prepare comprehensive reports as needed for research projects. These reports should be written in a form for use with public officials and a general audience, while maintaining scientific structure.  
  • Communicate results of research projects in meetings of public officials and policymakers, partners and collaborators, public forums, and group presentations.  
  • Facilitate engagement of Jefferson Project to generate information and analyses furthering the LGA protection and education priorities, including regular JP at LG meetings.  
  • Coordinate with Education for Action Director to promote Citizen Science programs contributing to protection priorities.



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with a concentration in engineering, hydrology, limnology, environmental science, planning, natural resource management or related fields
  • At least 4 years of relevant job experience.
  • Understanding of stormwater management concepts and design, strong analytical skills and use of GIS software.
  • Thorough knowledge of field sampling protocol and data collection/equipment use practices, including but not limited to gaging stream discharge with digital flow meter, measurement of dissolved oxygen concentration and saturation, specific conductance, total dissolved solids and pH, and download of deployed data loggers. Must have working knowledge of YSI, Hach, Myron, Hobo, and InSitu equipment and software.
  • Knowledge and experience with large lake system management techniques, including but not limited to diver-assisted suction harvesting and herbicide or algaecide applications. Experience with aquatic and terrestrial invasive species identification.
  • Preparation and publication of scientific reports focusing on field data collection methods, water quality analytics, providing trend analysis and conclusion/recommendation discussion.
  • Ability to work with large databases, including those of the Jefferson Project, to access, query, analyze and apply data toward achieving the LGA’s protection goals.
  • Rigorous attention to detail, being a self-starter, strong communication, collaboration, and public speaking skills, and a commitment to achieving program goals and objectives.
  • Experience with boat operation/navigation and strong swimming skills.
  • Ability to withstand frequent year-round work in outdoor weather conditions, occasionally in streams and lakes with depths greater than five feet.
  • Ability to lift and move field equipment.


Desired Personal Characteristics

  • Strong team player with ability to work independently  
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written 
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse public audiences  
  • Ability to demonstrate effective constituent service skills, including being approachable, having a positive attitude, displaying enthusiasm/passion, etc.  
  • Strong interest in and commitment to environmental stewardship


Join our passionate team at the Lake George Association and contribute to the sustained protection of The Queen of American Lakes. Together, we can inspire and engage a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens and ensure the protection of Lake George for generations to come.

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, writing sample (i.e., scientific report, published article), and 3 references to [email protected]. No phone calls, please. Any applications missing materials or not emailed to this address will not be considered. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.