Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky Marks 20 Years of Protecting Lake George

November 9, 2022



The LGA congratulates Chris Navitsky on his 20th year as Lake George Waterkeeper!

From the southern basin to the northern tip, from the smallest tributaries to the deepest depths, few people know as much about the health of Lake George or have worked as hard to protect its legendary water quality as Chris.  

In fact, Chris’s Lake-protection efforts are so well-respected, the international Waterkeeper Alliance recently featured him in a profile on its website.

We encourage you to read the profile to learn more about Chris’s accomplishments – and we hope you’ll join us in thanking him for all he does to keep our Lake clear and clean. The LGA is proud to have Chris and the Lake George Waterkeeper program as part of our Lake-protection team.

We protect Lake George, together.