Two New Services for Registered Lake Protectors

September 28, 2023

LAKE GEORGE, NY — As part of its ongoing mission to partner with residents and businesses in the Lake George watershed, the Lake George Association (LGA) has launched two new services, effective immediately. The two pilot programs — Property Visits and Engineering Service Grants — are the newest additions to the LGA’s free Lake Protector Profile app. Every property owner in the Lake George watershed who registers for the app is eligible.

One-on-One Property Visits
Property Visits are designed to help property owners understand the actions they can take to protect Lake George water quality. Each visit, which lasts from 30 to 90 minutes, is a one-on-one consultation with a member of the LGA’s technical team. Visits focus on the property’s conditions, such as erosion, sedimentation, and other indicators of impact on the Lake. They also consider the key attributes described in the Lake Protector Profile that can be addressed to curb mounting threats to Lake George. These include stormwater runoff, wastewater, invasive species, and winter rock salt.

Following the visit, the property’s Profile on the Lake Protector app will be updated with:
• best management practices tailored for the property’s specific attributes and observed conditions,
• how-to information links for implementing the proposed practices, and
• suggested prioritization for proceeding.

“Property visits are a major step forward in putting the power of protecting Lake George in the hands of everyone who lives or works in the watershed,” said Eric Siy, President of the LGA. “As we roll out more features of the Lake Protector Profile App, we will be actively partnering with the thousands of residents and businesses in the region. Signing up for your Lake Protector Profile and requesting a Property Visit at the LGA website are essential first steps in this process. With everyone’s participation, we will succeed in safeguarding the Lake,” Siy said.

Visits will be conducted in 2023 until it snows and will resume in spring 2024. To request a free Property Visit, sign up for the Lake Protector Profile app, and then select the “Property Visit” tab on the lower left of your Profile to access the request form. Those already registered can simply sign into the app.

Grants for Septic Replacement
Engineering Service Grants are aimed at relieving some of the financial burden associated with replacing septic systems. This pilot program makes available 20 grants of $1,500 each to property owners who are signed up for the Lake Protector Profile app and are located within the Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) Septic Regulation Project Area. The area includes properties within 500 feet of the Lake George shoreline and 100 feet from all NY State Department of Environmental Conservation–regulated streams flowing into Lake George.

To apply for a Grant, sign up for the Lake Protector Profile app, and select the “LGA Grants” tab on the lower left of your Profile to access the application form. Those already registered can simply sign into the app. The LGA will contact each applicant to set up a virtual or in-person meeting to review the project.

“These grants are intended for property owners who did not pass their septic inspection by the Lake George Park Commission and need to replace their systems within six months. To date, that is about a quarter of those inspected,” said Chris Navitsky, Lake George Waterkeeper and administrator of the Engineering Service Grants Program. “Maintaining a fully functioning septic system is one of the most important steps you can take to protect the Lake, so we are now planning to build out this program with more robust funding in the future.”

Mandatory septic system inspections by the Lake George Park Commission began in the second quarter of 2023. As of September 26, 196 inspections were completed. Of those, 45% passed, 23% failed, and the remainder were found to be substandard. The Commission plans to complete a total of 446 septic inspections by the end of the year. Details on the inspection process can be found on the LGPC’s FAQ page.

In addition to applying for Engineering Service Grants, property owners who need to replace their septic systems can apply for no-interest and low-interest loans from Adirondack Trust and Glens Falls National Bank. Get contact information for the banks.