State Supreme Court Grants Final Approval for Creation of New Lake George Association

June 30, 2021

Merger of the LGA and The FUND for Lake George Creates Preeminent Lake Protection Organization: Science-guided, People-powered, Purpose-driven

It’s official. There is now a new Lake George Association.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Martin Auffredou has granted the requisite state approval for the much-anticipated merger of the Lake George Association (LGA) and The FUND for Lake George, creating a single, preeminent Lake protection organization, which will carry the LGA name.

Justice Auffredou’s ruling follows unanimous votes in support of the merger by the boards of the two not-for-profit organizations in March, and an overwhelming show of support by LGA members in April, when over 98% of participating voters approved the union.

In conjunction with the merger announcement, the LGA unveiled its logo — a simple, yet striking, two-toned blue presentation of the organization’s name, meant to convey the clarity and vibrancy of the Lake and herald a new era in Lake protection.

“The merger of The FUND and the LGA is nothing short of a historic, milestone moment for the future of Lake George,” said Jeff Killeen, the new chairperson of the LGA.  “As we contemplated pursuing this merger over the last nine months we were all in agreement that one organization, with one strategy and one voice, was required to best protect the Lake’s water quality, first and foremost, as well as property values, our economy and every aspect of the Lake’s future. I’m proud and so happy that this day has finally arrived. As a basin-wide Lake George community, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together. This new day is all about unity, optimism and excitement for our unabated future as the Queen of American Lakes.”

“Growing excitement about the new LGA will now be harnessed to energize our protection community as never before, as so urgently needed,” said Pete Menzies, newly elected vice chair of the LGA. “At this historic moment of great opportunity and grave threat, the future of Lake George is in our hands. We invite everyone to join us by bringing your voice, your commitment, and your actions, as LGA members. Together, we will protect Lake George for every generation to come.”

“A new era in Lake George protection begins today, and we are calling on everyone who loves the Lake to join us as LGA members and partners at this pivotal time,” said LGA President Eric Siy. “Gathering threats to the Lake’s legendary water quality now require all of us working together to accomplish our goals. Whether you live on or near the Lake, depend on the Lake-based economy for your livelihood, or simply enjoy visiting the Lake for relaxation and recreation, there is a role for you to play in keeping Lake George clean and clear.”

“From funding world-class research to working with property owners basin-wide, the LGA will inform and empower everyone to make a difference in reducing stress on the Lake and increasing protection, literally bay-by-bay,” said LGA Senior Vice President Walt Lender. “We look forward to growing the LGA member family to be the driving force now needed to protect Lake George and demonstrate what the future of protection requires — direct participation from all of us who know and love our Lake.”

In addition to combining the two organizations, the LGA’s new Lake-protection team includes its partners in The Jefferson Project at Lake George, the groundbreaking freshwater protection collaboration with IBM Research and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that has made Lake George “the world’s smartest lake,” specifically to inform sustaining Lake protection.

Mr. Siy said the LGA will be “science-guided and people-powered to accelerate implementation of solutions now needed to tackle mounting threats,” including harmful algal blooms; nutrient loading from wastewater and stormwater runoff; invasive species, both aquatic and the new terrestrial threat, hemlock wooly adelgid; and road salt contamination — all of which are compounded by the effects of a changing climate.

“In response to this perfect storm of problems we bring a powerhouse team and substantial resources that are essential to solving them,” Mr. Siy added. “But, paramount to our success is establishing the active participation of everyone with a stake in the fate of Lake George. This will be a defining hallmark of the new LGA.”

If you are interested in playing a role in the long-term protection of Lake George, become an LGA member by visiting, and call the LGA at (518) 668-3558 to learn how you can Personalize Protection on your property and in your daily activities.