Special message from The Lake George Association and The FUND for Lake George on our Harmful Algal Bloom Response

November 23, 2020

This announcement was published prior to the merger of the LGA with The FUND for Lake George in June 2021.

The recent discovery of the first confirmed Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) on the Queen of American Lakes demands increased coordination, closer collaboration and a science-based investigation to determine the cause, as well as to prioritize planned projects and to identify preventive actions.

The Lake George Association and The FUND for Lake George are pleased to announce that we are working together toward that goal — combining our respective expertise and resources in a collaborative effort of discovery, investigation, science and solutions that will jointly strengthen our protective work on behalf of our Lake.

Our efforts will take their lead from the science and investigatory work of The Jefferson Project at Lake George, formed by IBM, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and The FUND, which has been using its in-lake research, Smart Sensor Network, and extensive computer modeling capabilities to identify the origins of the bloom since shortly after its discovery.

Lake George Outline

The HAB was identified by Kristen Wilde, the LGA’s Director of Education and a citizen scientist trained by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Because of her knowledge and expertise, Kristen confirmed the HAB in Harris Bay, and collected and shared photos and water samples with the DEC, who agreed with her identification. Through laboratory analysis, the DEC and The Jefferson Project determined that the HAB was composed of cyanobacteria called Dolichospermum.

Soon after the LGA’s discovery of the HAB, The Jefferson Project rapidly deployed sensors and scientists throughout the Lake, focusing on identifying the physical, biological and chemical factors that could be responsible, as described in a Jefferson Project press release. Project scientists are continuing to gather data and review their research findings and computer modeling of the Lake in an effort to identify the origins of the bloom.

The LGA and The FUND are committed to sharing our respective knowledge with each other and The Jefferson Project and to developing Lake George-focused actions based on The Jefferson Project’s findings. We will keep our community informed as discoveries are made and specific remedies are determined.

We jointly thank those of you who have reached out with information, photos, and questions about this event. Each one has helped us to better understand various Lake conditions and furthered the investigation.

Together, we will continue to watch over the Lake, monitor water quality, and follow the science with a goal of doing everything we can to prevent another Harmful Algal Bloom from occurring.


Peter Menzies, President                 Jeff Killeen, Chairman Walt Lender, Executive Director    Eric Siy, Executive Director The Lake George Association         The FUND for Lake George