ProcellaCOR Could Go in the Lake This Weekend

June 28, 2024

LAKE GEORGE — At today’s Supreme Court hearing, Justice Muller lifted the temporary restraining against New York State, which prevented the Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) from applying an herbicide to Lake George. With the restraint removed, the LGPC can put the chemical herbicide ProcellaCOR in the Lake any time from now until the end of the day Sunday, when the permits expire.

It is expected the Park Commission will put the chemicals in the Lake over the weekend, though notice has not been given to riparian property owners for either test site in Blairs Bay and Sheep Meadow Bay. It will be the first time chemicals are purposely applied to Lake George, and it will be done by the state agency created to protect it. 

As part of its mission to study Lake George, scientists from The Jefferson Project are in both bays right now actively monitoring water movement, oxygen, plant response, and more.  Should the Park Commission follow through on this experiment in the Queen of American Lakes, the behavior and effects of the chemical on the Lake’s ecosystem will be thoroughly monitored.