LGA Welcomes Jaimi DeFeo as Education for Action Programs Manager

March 8, 2023


The Lake George Association has appointed environmental educator Jaimi DeFeo as Manager of its new Education for Action Programs. This purpose-driven program is dedicated to helping property owners throughout the Lake George Watershed, as well as members of the regional business community and the public, understand the environmental challenges facing Lake George and how to participate in Lake protection.

In her new role, Ms. DeFeo will manage the LGA’s Lake Protector outreach and engagement programs, reaching key constituencies, including property owners and the public, and featuring the popular Floating Classroom. She will also oversee development of new outreach and engagement programs and coordinate volunteer participation in the LGA’s Community Science programs and events. LGA Community Scientists participate in a variety of programs to monitor water quality, invasive species, harmful and concerning algae growth, and local wildlife populations.

“Building an informed, empowered and action-focused constituency of Lake Protectors of all ages and from all walks of life is essential to the long-term protection of this priceless environmental, economic, and recreational resource,” said LGA President Eric Siy. “From her experience as a college professor to developing environmental education programs for elementary, middle, and high school students, Jaimi is the perfect person to engage, educate and inspire others to act as needed to protect Lake George.”

"I came to love Lake George over many years visiting here, and my appreciation for all the Lake means to our regional community from the ecological, economic, and recreational perspectives has only grown since moving here seven years ago," Ms. DeFeo said.

“I’m incredibly excited to join the LGA and help people bring together the beauty and calming influence that they love so much about the Lake with the science behind that beauty," she added. “I love the ah-ha moment when someone learns something new and it leads them to learn even more and, in this case, to take action to protect the Lake’s water quality and the entire Lake ecosystem.”

Ms. DeFeo brings more than 15 years of environmental education experience to her new position. Since 2019, she has served as an Adjunct Professor in environmental science and related topics at the Community College of Vermont. She previously held teaching positions at Westchester Community College and Nassau Community College, as well as research and education positions, respectively, with The Research Foundation for The State University of Albany and Eden Renewables, a Troy, NY-based international developer of solar energy projects. Ms. DeFeo also owned and operated an e-commerce website for eco-friendly products.

Ms. DeFeo earned her bachelor’s degree in geography from SUNY New Paltz, and her master’s in environmental studies from Southern Connecticut State University. She has also taken a number of graduate courses in geographic information science (GIS) and spatial analysis at the University at Albany to better understand the technology behind environmental science. A Massachusetts native and longtime downstate New York resident, she and her husband, Bruce Karel, have lived in southern Washington County for the past seven years.