LGA Says “Vote Yes” on Environmental Bond Act

October 21, 2022

This Election Day, New York State voters will have the opportunity to approve $4.2 billion in bonds for projects that will safeguard the environment, natural resources and water infrastructure, and help mitigate climate change. At least $650 million are earmarked specifically for projects to prevent harmful algal blooms; improve wastewater, sewage, and septic infrastructure; reduce stormwater runoff; replace lead service lines; and create riparian buffers.

The LGA recommends a “Yes” vote. Although we do not know how much of the money would be specifically allocated for Lake George, a significant portion could benefit area wastewater treatment plants as well as property owners who need to upgrade their septic systems. Funds could also be used to combat invasive species in ways other than chemical treatment. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov.8. Read more about the Bond Act here.