LGA Launches New Reporting Tool for Potential Lake George Water Quality Problems

August 20, 2021

Anyone spotting a potential water quality concern on or around Lake George or any of its tributaries can now report it immediately on a new online reporting tool created by the Lake George Association.

LGReport.org is a simple-to-use online form through which people can provide details, attach photos and document the exact location of concern whether it be a potential harmful algal bloom, sediment or contaminants running into the water, an aquatic or terrestrial invasive species, soil erosion, a salt pile, excessive land clearing or any other problem. The LGA scientific team will review all notifications and determine the appropriate course of action. The form also includes a direct link to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Suspicious Algal Bloom Report Form for use in the case of a potential HAB.

“Protecting Lake George from its most significant water quality threats requires the vigilance of everyone who lives on or around the Lake or spends any time there,” said LGA President Eric Siy. “We encourage anyone who spots anything that doesn’t look right to report it ASAP. Erring on the side of caution is the right thing to do when it comes to protecting Lake George.”

The LGA encourages people to add the LGReport icon to the home screen of their mobile device for immediate access. On an Android device, visit LGReport.org, press the three dots at the top of the web browser and then press “Add to Home Screen” On an iOS device, visit LGReport.org, tap the Share button and select “Add to Home Screen.”

The Lake George Association is the preeminent Lake protection organization, providing technical and financial assistance to property owners; world-class research and direct protection programs through the Lake George Waterkeeper, The Jefferson Project and an array of public-private partnerships; public education programs; and public policy advocacy, all with the goal of protecting Lake George water quality today and for the future.