LGA Included in Target Circle Giving for Q1 2024

January 10, 2024

LAKE GEORGE — From January 2024 through March 2024, the LGA is part of Target Circle, the retailer’s free loyalty program that lets you direct where Target gives to nonprofits in our community. 

As a Target Circle member, every eligible purchase in store or online earns you a vote. The more votes you cast for us, the more money Target will donate to the LGA.

LGA and Target Circle

We hope you’ll find this an easy way to contribute to the Lake protection efforts of the LGA. Here’s how it works:

Sign up for Target Circle at target.com/circle, on the Target app, or by giving your phone number at in-store checkout.

Earn votes any of three ways.
• Enter your phone number on the keypad at checkout or self-checkout screen.

• During checkout, scan your Target Circle barcode in your Wallet in the Target App or target.com/circle/dashboard.

• Enter receipt numbers within 7 days of purchase at target.com/circle/dashboard or with the scan function in the Target App.

Vote for the LGA now through March 2024.
• On the web, go to target.com/circle, select “Show nonprofits” under the Community Support heading.

• In the Target app, go to “Circle Benefits,” then “Vote for Nonprofits.”

NOTE: If you’re located outside the Capital District, you can still vote for us by changing the zip code for your selected store in the app or online to one near Lake George.

We applaud Target for supporting local nonprofits, and for letting the people who live in the community direct where that support goes.