LGA calls on NY State to triple funding to Lake George Park Commission

April 4, 2023

LGA President Eric Siy urged Gov. Hochul and the New York State Legislature to significantly increase funding for the Lake George Park Commission during a recent interview on The Capitol Pressroom public radio program. Eric told host David Lombardo the Park Commission needs three times its current funding in order to curb the rapidly escalating threats to the Lake’s water quality. 

The Commission currently relies on boat and dock fees for 90% of its funding, with additional funding for its invasive species prevention program coming from the LGA, local municipalities and a relatively small state appropriation. With the arrival of harmful algal blooms in the water, and the hemlock woolly adelgid invasive inspect on its shores, in addition to threats from stormwater runoff and antiquated septic systems, Eric said, “Now is the time” to ramp up protection for this incredible natural resource and “lifeblood” of the region’s tourism economy. 

You can listen to the March 28 broadcast here.