Lake George Mirror: "HABs — The Problem Is Us"

July 5, 2023

Lake George Mirror editor Tony Hall didn't pull any punches in his June 30, 2023 cover story. "The problem is us," he wrote. "Stormwater runoff is something that can be abated immediately, by the residents and business owners of the Lake George watershed."

We agree, the answer to Lake protection is all of us. Together, we can reduce the runoff, and we can reduce the nutrients in the runoff that can lead to harmful algal blooms (HABs). And while our practices to date contribute to the problem, our actions going forward can and must be the solution Lake George needs to maintain its Class AA-Special designation.

Read the full story (below), which covers three central LGA Lake protection programs: Bay-by-Bay gatherings, the inaugural Lake Protector Summit, and the Lake Protector Profile app.


Lake George Mirror: The Problem Is Us