International Clean Water Advocate to Speak at Road Salt Reduction Summit in Lake George

October 3, 2022


On Eve of Clean Water Act 50th Anniversary, Waterkeeper Alliance CEO Marc Yaggi will Address Municipal and Business Leaders Intent on Reducing Road Salt Use to Protect Fresh Water and Save Taxpayers’ Money

One of the world’s foremost authorities on the importance of clean water will bring his passion and perspective to the shores of Lake George on Thursday, Oct. 13, as the keynote speaker for the Lake George Association’s seventh annual Adirondack Champlain Regional Salt Summit.

Speaking just five days before the 50th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, Marc Yaggi, chief executive officer of the international Waterkeeper Alliance, will address the successes and shortcomings of the landmark legislation, with an emphasis on the impacts of stormwater runoff, which carries pollutants like road salt into water bodies and drinking water wells. Mr. Yaggi was at the forefront of road salt reduction efforts in Westchester County and New York City two decades ago as Senior Watershed Attorney for Riverkeeper, Inc.

This year's Road Salt Summit will again welcome public officials, business owners and leaders of not-for-profit organizations for a full day of presentations and demonstrations on keeping winter roads, driveways and parking areas safe while reducing the cost and environmental consequences of road salt use. The Summit will be held from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George Village. Online attendance is also available for those unable to travel to the Summit. Registration is free for all attendees at and includes lunch. Last year’s event drew more than 200 in-person and virtual attendees from 14 states.

The Lake George Association and its Lake George Waterkeeper program lead the highly successful Lake George Road Salt Reduction Initiative, partnering with municipalities in the basin, including the towns of Lake George and Hague, and Warren County, to achieve significant reductions in road salt use over the past seven years and creating a proven model for communities and regions anywhere. Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky is a member of the International Waterkeeper Alliance.

"I'm honored to join the Lake George Association and Lake George Waterkeeper to discuss their innovative approach to road salt reduction. Instead of waiting for the government to act on this issue, they forged ahead with a plan of their own to use salt smarter, and, in turn, have saved taxpayer dollars while also protecting the environment," Mr. Yaggi said. "Summits like these are so important for advancing and sharing these types of science-based, ground-up solutions that are delivering direct benefits everyone can learn from"

"The LGA and Lake George Waterkeeper are thrilled to welcome Marc to the Queen of American Lakes for a firsthand look at the exciting progress we are making in protecting Lake George water quality today and for the future," Mr. Navitsky said. "Our Road Salt Reduction Initiative is becoming an international model for water protection, and to have one of the world's leading clean water advocates join us for the Summit speaks volumes for what we and our municipal partners have accomplished."

LGA President Eric Siy said, “Once again this year, the LGA's Salt Summit will be a destination event, in-person and online, showcasing the science, technology and tested strategies that are achieving measurable results in combatting one of the defining water quality threats of our time. From the foothills of the Adirondack Region, we are not only protecting one of the world's cleanest lakes but setting an example for communities around the world to follow."

This year's Summit agenda will include:

  • presentations on the latest road salt and water quality science from the Lake George Waterkeeper, and the LGA and its collaborators;
  • an update on the success of the Lake George Road Salt Reduction Initiative;
  • a panel discussion on road salt reduction across the Adirondack Park;
  • live demonstrations of the latest technologies and techniques for safe and effective road salt reduction.

The Leading Edge sponsor for this year's event is Innovative Surface Solutions. Other sponsors include Deicing Depot, Fort William Henry Hotel, Northern Supply, SynaTek Solutions, and SIMA (the Snow and Ice Management Association).