FUND Unveils “Road Map to Road Salt Reduction” Documentary

February 10, 2021

This announcement was published prior to the merger of the LGA with The FUND for Lake George in June 2021.

The FUND for Lake George has unveiled a new documentary, “Road Map to Road Salt Reduction: Success Stories from Lake George.

Whether scattered from a 25-ton plow truck or tossed from a plastic cup onto a residential driveway, road salt inevitably ends up in groundwater that supplies drinking water wells, and in streams and Lake George itself, where spiking salt levels can be toxic to aquatic life.

In this 30-minute film, you’ll hear firsthand from plow truck operators, DPW leaders, elected officials, winter road management experts and scientists how the towns of Lake George and Hague and Warren County are using pre-storm brine treatment, live edge plows and other technologies and practices to dramatically reduce the amount of road salt they are applying to keep winter roads safe — saving taxpayers’ money and keeping salt out of lakes, streams and drinking water.

“Road salt pollution is one of the defining water quality threats of our time,” said FUND Executive Director Eric Siy. “We are proud to lead the way in reducing this threat on Lake George, and in showing others the way to effective road salt reduction in their regions.”