With Deepest Sorrow and Fondest Remembrances: LGA Vice Chairman Jeff Killeen

December 14, 2022


Lake George has lost one of its greatest champions and protectors.

Jeff Killeen, vice-chairman of the Lake George Association, passed away this morning (Dec. 14, 2022). We all mourn the gravity of this loss.

Tireless of vision, spirit, and commitment, Jeff gave all of himself to the Lake he loved. His deep passion for Lake George was contagious and inspiring, and united our community behind the Lake as only Jeff could -- with grace, humor, and a steadfast belief in our shared ability to keep Lake George clear and clean.

Jeff’s extraordinary business career took him to great heights and many places, but his heart was never far from the shores of Lake George and the home that had been in his family since 1908.  When Jeff and his wife Judy decided to make the Lake their full-time home, he fully immersed himself in the pursuit of sustainable lake protection with a goal of safeguarding this invaluable natural resource for generations to come. First, as chairman of The FUND for Lake George, he provided the vision for a national model of science-guided protection, combining world-class research, technological innovation, direct investment, and public policy advocacy. In 2021, recognizing that the unprecedented water quality threats confronting the Lake required an unprecedent level of protection, Jeff led the merger of The FUND for Lake George with the Lake George Association, creating the preeminent Lake George protection organization.

It is fitting that the sun shines bright on Lake George today. Jeff’s spirit lives on, lighting our way through the darkness of grief to honor his legacy of love for Lake George and fulfill the promise of lasting Lake protection.