Bay by Bay Events Attract 1,000+ Residents to Protect Lake George

September 6, 2023

LAKE GEORGE — This summer’s Bay by Bay program brought together more than 1,000 lakeside residents at nine different events up and down Lake George, aimed at fostering a culture of commitment to Lake protection by those whose actions will make a lasting difference.

At each gathering, which spanned from Gull Bay to Warner Bay, attendees conducted water clarity experiments on the LGA’s Floating Classroom and learned about the Science to Solutions model created by the LGA in partnership with The Jefferson Project. Emphasis was placed on the growing threat of harmful algal blooms, with one or more experts on hand to explain the science, including Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky, LGA Water Quality Research Manager Brea Arvidson, and Senior Research Specialist for The Jefferson Project Brian Mattes. Participants were encouraged to sign up for the LGA’s Lake Protector Profile App, which shows property owners how they can mitigate the danger of increasing algae in our Lake.

We extend heartfelt thanks to each of our Bay by Bay hosts this summer, who opened their homes to their neighbors and to the LGA in the name of safeguarding the Lake we all love and rely on. We are also grateful to those who organized gatherings of the Lake Stewardship Group of Cleverdale and Silver Bay homeowners association.

If you would like to host a Bay by Bay this fall, next spring, or summer, contact Tyra MacGuffie at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you to ensure a clear and clean Lake George for future generations.

Bay by Bay in Bolton at LGA chair Pete Menzies's home

Approximately 65 residents attended the Bay by Bay held in Bolton at the home of LGA chair Pete Menzies.

2023 Bay by Bay Events

• Diamond Point
• Clay Island
• Warner Bay
• Hulett’s Bay

• Hague

• Bolton
• Lake Stewardship Group of Cleverdale
• Gull Bay
• Silver Bay Homeowners Association