Inaugural Lake Protector Summit

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 Fort William Henry Hotel

Why we must protect Lake George now — and how we do it together

Bring your questions, ideas, and concerns to the inaugural Lake Protector™ Summit. In this free, interactive session, we’ll explore:

  • The growing threats of stormwater, wastewater, and algae growth in Lake George
  • How water quality affects property values and business revenues
  • Solutions to protect the Lake, including personalized Lake Protector™ Profiles
  • The practicalities of protection, including planning, costs, and ROI

This two-hour event is a place to learn and connect with the people and resources for lasting Lake protection, including residents, businesses, government officials, scientists, economic experts, landscapers, excavators, banks, realtors, and the LGA.


Lake Protector™ Summit: Our Lake – Our Future

Thursday, June 22, 2023
Check-in: 8:30–9 am; Program: 9–11 am
Fort William Henry Hotel & Conference Center, Lake George, NY
There is no charge to attend this event