Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Event

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Join Us To Monitor Invasive Species in Lake George

Volunteer monitoring invasive species at Lake George

Over the weekend of August 19-21, you will survey a section of shoreline for aquatic invaders, primarily non-native plants as well as mussels, snails, and fish if you see them. You can complete the survey of your area at any time during these three days. We will have a training before the event to help you with our Survey123 reporting app and with species identification while on the water. LGA staff will be stationed around the lake on Friday morning (the 19th) from 8-12 for you to report to with data or questions. AIS monitoring in the lake is important for early detection of new invaders, such as hydrilla, that may pass by the inspection station and boat launch stewards.

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1) Tell us about what boat you plan to use
2) Select the area that you want to survey.
Select your boat type first and then zoom in to your area of the lake to see available options. Try to stay within a 20-30min radius from where you’ll be launching. Select a single location that you will be able to complete within 2-4 hours.
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