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Lake Protector Program

Our Lake Needs You Like Never Before

Whether you live on or near the Lake, make your living from its beauty, or visit every chance you get, Lake George is there for us every day. 

Now, as mounting water quality threats from stormwater runoff, faulty septic systems, winter road salt, and invasive species pose unprecedented peril to the Lake’s long-term health, it’s more important than ever that we’re there for Lake George. 

Become a Lake Protector

What does it mean to become a Lake Protector? 

By signing up as a Lake Protector, you are joining a community committed to taking direct actions that help ensure lasting protection of Lake George. When you sign up, we will prepare your very own Lake Protector Profile that informs you of mounting threats to water quality and the essential actions you can take to keep our Lake clear and clean—whether you’re a property-owner in the Lake George basin or not. Becoming a Lake Protector will be the most important decision you will ever make for the future health of our Lake! We are deeply grateful for your personal commitment to protecting Lake George. 

Together, we will succeed! 

Become a Lake Protector

Whether you’re ready to sign up as a Lake Protector or need more time to decide, donations to the LGA support our world-leading, science-guided protection and education programs. Thank you! 

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