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Welcome to the dawn of a new day for Lake George protection and thank you for deciding to contribute to the LGA's all-out commitment to keeping our Lake clear and clean!

Your generosity now allows us to accelerate our role in bringing world-class, science-based solutions to the unprecedented challenges threatening Lake George. Moreover, it enables us to provide new and necessary services that will ensure everyone does their part in protecting our Lake.  

As the LGALL, everyone’s contributions count! That is why we have created the Giving Societies detailed below allowing you to choose the level that fits best.

Your financial support today and for years to come will fuel our sustained success.

Together, we will protect Lake George!

We would love to speak with you! Feel free to call us at (518) 668-3558 or email us with any questions you might have.

We Make Every Dollar Deliver! Protection investments by The LGA yield a powerful 7X multiplier effect – meaning that every dollar we invest leads to an average of seven protection dollars in public and private partner contributions.

Lake George Multiplier effect image showing $1 expanding to $7 impact across the lake.

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