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Now is our chance to decide the future of Lake George.

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Lake George is the centerpiece of our best moments and memories.  We count on it — now and for the future. But that future is unclear.

Wastewater and stormwater, compounded by climate change, add nutrients to the Lake that cause harmful algal blooms (HABs) that can turn toxic. Road salt contaminates our drinking water. Invasive species threaten the Lake’s water quality and ecosystem.

By each of us doing our part — from financial support to direct action — we will head off fast-mounting threats and keep Lake George clear and clean — for our children and for their children.

Your donation fuels solutions to stop nutrients and other pollutants that cause HABs in Lake George.

Our Lake Can’t Wait

We’ve halted invasive species.
Reduced road salt usage.
Are leading the way in HABs prevention.
But we need to do much more.
And we need to do it much faster.
This will take your support.
Only together can we secure the fate of our Lake.

By donating, taking action, or advocating for the Lake, you are a Lake Protector. And as a Lake Protector, you are an LGA member.


Please donate below and become a Lake Protector. By supporting us today, your legacy as an LGA member carries on. For that, and all you do to protect our Lake, we thank you.

Questions? Email us or call us at (518) 668-9700.

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Renew at any level and become a Lake Protector
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Please send checks payable to:
Lake George Association
PO Box 408
Lake George, NY 12804

If you would like to send a wire transfer or make a gift of appreciated securities, please email Tyra MacGuffie [email protected].

LGA is a tax-exempt nonprofit as defined by IRS Section 501(c)(3), to which gifts and donations may qualify as a charitable tax deduction. EIN #14-6000565.