Guidance & Frequently Asked Questions about AIS Monitoring Event

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Will LGA representatives be present for the event?

LGA staff will be available to answer questions on Friday, August 19 from 8AM-12PM at Mossy Point, Norowal Marina, and Million Dollar Beach

Are there boating rules for Lake George?

Yes! Follow these rules. Motored boats must be registered for Lake George. You can get a temporary registration if you’ll only be on the lake short-term.

I’m launching my boat for the event. Where can I launch and where do I park?

The Lake George Park Commission has a list of available launches around the lake. You can also contact the LGA for launch information. There is car and trailer parking available for a fee at the public launches. If you are OK with walking, there is parking available in the areas nearby. Please be sure to use the mandatory boat inspection and wash station.

How long should I survey for?

Take your time! The survey areas were created to be covered within 2-4 hours, but there is no time limit. You can complete your survey anytime over the weekend.

Do I need a life jacket?

We urge you to use proper boater safety and take extra precautions if you decide to swim or kayak, especially in a populated area.  

What should I do if the weather is bad?

Don’t go out. You can survey anytime over the weekend (August 19-21). If the weather is poor the whole weekend, we will postpone the event. 

Where should I be looking for AIS?

Anywhere inside the section of Lake you chose. Your survey area goes out to 30ft deep – yes, there may be plants growing at 30ft! If you think you see AIS down that far, use Survey123 to document it. However, Eurasian watermilfoil and Curly-leaf Pondweed prefer depths out to 20ft in Lake George. If you have shallow, sandy areas, look for Asian clams on the surface and just below the surface of the sand. LGA staff will be going out after the weekend to confirm locations.

My survey area has a lot of private homes. Do I look around their dock?

Please be respectful of private property and people’s privacy. If occupants are around, ask their permission to survey if it seems like AIS are present. Otherwise, drive slow, follow boating rules, and use your best judgement for the type of vessel you’re using. 

What if I find an AIS? Should I collect it?

Use Survey123 to collect its location and a clear picture of the AIS. A solid or white background is best to help us see features of the AIS. We will confirm its ID using your image! Other than for pictures, please do not collect any invasives other than floating Eurasian watermilfoil fragments. 

Should I bring AIS that I can’t ID to a table?

Taking photos and documenting the actual location on Survey123 is better. There are many rare and endangered species in Lake George and its best to leave them where they are. If you find a fragment of something floating in the water, you’re welcome to bring it to an LGA information table (Aug. 19 8-12PM) or keep it chilled in a sealed baggy with a damp paper towel until you can drop it off at our office.  

What should I do after I’m done surveying my area?

Make sure you’ve submitted your observations through Survey123, especially if you didn’t bring your cell phone on the lake.

Before You Survey:  

  • Register your motorized boat.
  • Download Survey123 (Android or Apple) and join the project Lake George AIS Monitoring Event 2022.
  • Know where you’re leaving from/launching.
  • Gather survey essentials: Polarized sunglasses, extra water, phone or data sheets, sunscreen, know your survey area, safety equipment.
  • Bring the appropriate gear for however you plan to survey: paddles, full tank of gas, life jackets, swim buoys for those in the water, kayak flag, mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Optional items: trash & milfoil fragment bag, trowel, long-handled rake, grabber tool to help you ID something that’s out of reach, underwater camera/GoPro or waterproof case.
  • Review the AIS Powerpoint we’ve made available for your reference.

During Your Survey: 

  • Stay aware of your surroundings and of the weather.  
  • When in doubt of AIS ID, take lots of photos or video.
  • If Kayaking or swimming in a known boating zone, be flashy, wear safety gear and floats.
  • Be respectful of private homes and property. Abide by Lake George boating rules. 

After You Survey: 

  • Finalize your Survey123 submissions.
  • Visit the nearest table location with questions or to return data sheets or borrowed materials. We have tables set up on August 19th from 8AM-12PM at Mossy Point, Norowal Marina, and Million Dollar Beach. Return data sheets to our office during business hours or mail your sheets to at 2199 US 9, Lake George, NY.
  • We will be visiting your AIS sightings within the next few weeks and will let you know if any new locations or new AIS were found.