Adopt a Storm Drain

Because storm drains route water directly to Lake George, all your effort helps the clean water cause. Stormwater is not treated like sewage. Water from storm drains flows directly into Lake George without treatment. The storm drain system is separate from the sewage system. It is easy to make a difference- look out your window and find the nearest storm drain, then adopt it below!


As a volunteer adopter, you will spot check your storm drain between rainfalls, (and, if possible, before each predicted rain) to steward them free of debris, litter or pollution. Simply remove any leaves, twigs, cans, cups, or other impairment from the top of the storm grate and note what you see adjacent to the drain. With a garbage bag or bucket in hand, most volunteers can address the storm drain issues within minutes. Each time you check your drain, you’ll complete a brief electronic field report.

If you're interested in adopting a drain, let us know.