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Look Out for the Lake

At 32 miles in length, with 82 miles of shoreline and more than 140 streams flowing into it, the more eyes we have watching out for Lake George the better. The LGA offers a variety of ways for you to help us monitor the Lake’s water quality and serve as a first line of defense for any problems that may crop up.

Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Volunteers taking a water sample on Lake George

What we do together:

Priority Actions for All Lake Protectors:

Use Our Water Quality Reporting Tool

Anyone spotting a potential water quality concern on or around Lake George or any of its tributaries can report it immediately at This simple online form allows you to provide details, attach photos and document the exact location of concern whether it be a potential harmful algal bloom, sediment or contaminants running into the water, an aquatic or terrestrial invasive species, soil erosion, a salt pile, excessive land clearing or any other problem. The LGA scientific team will review all notifications and determine the appropriate course of action. The form also includes a direct link to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Suspicious Algal Bloom Report Form for use in the case of a potential HAB.

Report Something

Become a Community Scientist

The LGA Community Science program provides Lake Protectors with a number of opportunities to collect water samples that inform our understanding of Lake conditions and help us identify potential water quality concerns. Community Scientists also play a vital role in watching out for and helping eradicate invasive species.

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