Oneida (Van Buren) Bay

Oneida Bay on Lake George, New York

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Bay-by-Bay is coming to Oneida (Van Buren) Bay! Join us and gain insight into the unique makeup of your bay, the greatest threats facing the water quality, and how you as homeowners, business owners, or Lake users can help protect it. Learn about:

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  • Bay By Bay Summer Event Series

    Join your neighbors and the LGA at Oneida Bay, June 28th!

    As part of our science-based approach to water quality protection throughout the Lake George watershed, the LGA is coming to Oneida Bay to present valuable information to residents and listen to your concerns. We will offer science-guided actions to tackle the threats facing the lake, starting right in your bay.

  • Map of Oneida Bay watershed showing impervious surface

    What's In the Oneida Bay Watershed?

    Learn about the characteristics of your bay and what they mean for your water quality.

Oneida (VAN BUREN) Bay Profile

Oneida Bay map showing critical environmental area.

Red areas are steep slopes. The CEA is within the yellow outline. Light blue is the watershed and dark blue are streams.


Located in the Town of Hague in Warren County, the Oneida (Van Buren) Bay watershed flows into the Rogers Rock sub-basin of Lake George. This sub-basin is named for the famous 400’ rockface that Captain Robert Rogers of the British Army was said to have used to escape capture during the French and Indian War.

The Critical Environmental Area (CEA), a band of land extending back 500 feet from the shoreline and considered the most influential land to the lake's water quality, makes up 7.8% of the watershed (48.6 acres). You can see it in yellow in this map.

  • Properties: More than half of the properties in the watershed are within the CEA (59 of 111).
  • Streams: 1.5 miles of DEC regulated AA-Special streams. 5.5 miles of intermittent streams that only flow during portions of the year (Spring runoff or rain events) or run year-round streams that are unregulated by DEC at this time.
  • Roads: 2.8 miles of roads: including 2 miles of Town roads, 0.57 miles of State roads, and 0.21 miles of Private roads. Of the 2.8 miles, 0.2 miles are within 100 feet of the shoreline and at a greater risk for introducing salt and other runoff to the lake.
Map of Oneida Bay watershed showing impervious surface

Impervious Surface Is Impacting Water Quality

10% of the land in the CEA is covered by impervious surfaces such as roads, roofs, or driveways. Impervious surfaces covering more than 10% of the CEA will have an impact on water quality, so you're right on the edge. You can protect your water quality by avoiding further impervious surface development, capturing any stormwater runoff between these surfaces and streams or the lake shore, and converting existing surfaces into something that water can sink into, like permeable pavers. Consider planting a shoreline buffer as a protective cushion for the lake.

View the Impervious Surface Map

Map of tree cover in Oneida Bay.

Areas to Protect From Development and Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

Over 97% of the watershed's area is forested. The forested areas cover approximately 607 acres and protect Oneida (Van Buren) Bay's water quality by providing cover and breaking up rainfall. The roots systems create soil conditions that allow for greater infiltration. It's an important area to protect.

80% of the watershed has steep slopes. Most are upland of Route 9N. Logging, a large tree die off, and development in those areas would all likely lead to additional stormwater runoff.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is slowly spreading around the Lake, threatening the health of our Hemlock forests. Approximately 20% of the tree cover is Conifer (evergreen) trees, some of which are Hemlocks. Hemlock stands within your watershed have the potential to become infested without proper monitoring and management. The closest confirmed infestation is 2.4 miles from your watershed, but HWA often spreads via birds and will likely arrive around Oneida (Van Buren) Bay soon.

View the Conifer Map

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Oneida (VAN BUREN) Bay Events

Join your neighbors and the LGA at Oneida (Van Buren) Bay, June 27th & 28th!

Community Presentation: 6/28/22 • 4-6pm • Silver Bay YMCA

Find out firsthand the greatest threats facing the water quality in Oneida (Van Buren) Bay. Learn about priority issues and what you can do on your property to protect Lake George. Register below and join us at the Luther D. Wishard Conference Room in the William Boyd Center at the Silver Bay YMCA.

Walking Tour: 6/27/22 • 4-5pm • Location TBD

The Know Your Bay Walking Tour will give participants the opportunity to see in person the different locations that influence their bay and serve as an introduction on certain priority issues that will be discussed more in depth during the main Bay-By-Bay event. The tour is limited to 12 participants and the location will be provided ahead of the event to those who register.

Bay-by-Bay Event Registration

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Things we expect to work with residents on include:

  • Stormwater
  • Stream buffers
  • Excessive algae growth
  • Salt reduction
  • Septic systems
  • Shoreline buffers