Bay by Bay

Building a Community of Lake Protectors

You will find no greater pride in the beauty of Lake George than amongst the people who call Lake George their home.  

Our Bay by Bay Initiative was created to meet people and their communities in the place they care about the most on the lake. Whether that is a bay, point, village, or shoreline, our goal is to educate, engage, and empower property owners to support our Lake protection programs, and to protect their personal investment by doing their part to: 

In this time of unprecedented water quality threats, the LGA is pleased to partner with dedicated Lake Protectors to host Bay by Bay gatherings in their special place on the lake. If you are interested in hosting a Bay by Bay event in your area, please contact Tyra MacGuffie.

Become a Lake Protector today and we will assist you in doing your part to protect our Lake.

From Ticonderoga, to Lake George Village, we are building a community of Lake Protectors that will save Lake George from future water quality decline. Only together will we protect Lake George!