Dr. Robyn Smyth

Professional Experience: 

  • Associate Professor of Environmental and Urban Studies, Bard College
  • Visiting Scientist, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies


Dr. Smyth is a bio-physical lake scientist specializing in the integrated effects of mixing and light on plankton and other ecological processes in the pelagic zone. Her research includes field studies, high frequency sensor data analysis and modeling. Dr. Smyth is also committed to expanding scientific literacy and effectively engaging stakeholders in water resource decision making and serves on the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network's Committee for inClusive Collaboration. She holds a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University, a M.S. in Water Resources from the University of Vermont, and a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of California Santa Barbara  

Dr. Robyn Smyth

Research Interests:

  • Bio-physical coupling
  • Harmful algae blooms
  • Lake management
  • Stakeholder engagement

Active Memberships:

  • AAAS

Notable Publications:

  • Smyth R. L., Fatima, U., Segarra, M., Borre, M.A., Reid, B., Pincetl, S., Zillio, M., Velez, M., Astorga, A., Cisneros, M.A.H., Conde, D., Harmon, T., Hoyos, N., Escobar, J., Lozoya, J.P., Rusak, J., Lozoya, J.P., Piccolo, M.C., Perillo, M.E.G. (in press). Engaging stakeholders in networked water research across the Americas. Environmental Development. 
  • Han, Y., Smithheart, J., Smyth, R.L., Aziz, T., Obenour, D. (2020). Assessing Vertical Mixing and Cyanobacteria Bloom Potential in a Shallow Eutrophic Reservoir. Lake and Reservoir Management. https://doi.org/10.1080/10402381.2019.1697402