Stream Monitoring Field Trip and Program

In conjunction with a Floating Classroom program, or separate from one, the LGA offers a hands-on stream monitoring program. Students will sample for macroinvertebrates in the stream and learn what these insects can tell us about stream health. They will learn about watersheds and why streams are important to the health of Lake George.

Interested in a stream monitoring field trip?

  • Available May through October.
  • Group size: maximum 30 (Other activities may be able to be arranged to accommodate a larger group)
  • Length: approximately 2 hours
  • Location: Come to us at the Lake George Recreation Center or we can come to schools or camps that have a stream or pond on the property.
  • The program takes place completely outdoors. At the Lake George Recreation Center, the students will take a short walk on a trail through the woods where they will then sample for macroinvertebrates in the stream. Boots are provided to share in order to sample the stream; however dressing for the possibility of getting wet and hiking are encouraged.


The program covers:

The Watershed. What is a watershed and why is it important? How do pollution and nutrients enter the lake?

Human Activities. How do waste treatment, development, land use, stormwater runoff, and other activitiesaffect the lake?

Natural Processes. How do soils, native and invasive vegetation, erosion, and other natural processes and characteristics of the watershed affect the lake?

Stream Ecology. Collect and identify macroinvertebrates in the stream to determine the health of the stream.  What macroinvertebrates are indicators of clean water? To learn about macroinvertebrates visit our macroinvertebrates page.

Conclusions: Everything in a watershed can affect the lake. And we all live in a watershed.  What actions in the watershed affect the lake and what can we do to help protect the lake? How can we protect streams in order to protect the lake?


For more information about this program or to schedule a trip contact us at 518-668-3558 or


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