Fish and Wildlife of Lake George

Aquatic Plants
Nuisance Wildlife

Reptiles and Amphibians

There are 176 miles of shoreline on Lake George, including about 40 miles of island shoreline.  Not only are there fish within the Lake, there is a wide variety of wildlife, including mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles, that live at the water's edge. This transitional zone between land and water is a very important habitat and source of food for many different animals.  Some of these animals spend a good deal of their time in the water, such as the northern map turtle, only leaving the water to bask or lay eggs. Others spend the majority of their time on land, coming to the lake to feed or drink, such as the raccoon.  Check the links at the left to learn more about a few of the species you might see.

Photos courtesy of Emily DeBolt, Viridescent Journeys



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